Compassionate Tabernacle of Faith

Our History

January 1988 founder Reverend Thomas B. Jiles with a burning need to continue his ministry, although there was no congregation.  One can only imagine the deep passion and the awesome burden of responsibility which must have At the same time, there were several hundred souls needing to be ministered unto - but where? How? When? - for they were without a church home. These wandering souls were looking toward the Lord and Reverend Jiles for guidance, direction and the Word.
After seeking the Lord for guidance and direction, Reverend Jiles began a charted journey to worship and serve the Lord with a people who would be compassionate.  The Lord would build a tabernacle for the people to worship God.  The people had to be faithful stewards with Christian hearts.  On January 24, 1988 Reverend Jiles, following God's command, held a worship service at Poe International Magnet School for anyone who would come to carry out the mission and mandate from the Lord.  Thus, Compassionate Tabernacle of Faith (Missionary Baptist Church) began its journey of service for the Lord. 
During the formative years, Compassionate continued to hold worship services at the school.  Midweek Bible study sessions were held at 2527 Rock Quarry Road and 412 Sunnybrook Road; however, we quickly outgrew those facilities. The midweek services moved to the Hargett Street "Y" and then to the Old Garner Road "Y". After six years of worshipping at Poe, we were blessed with our current home located at 2310 Compassionate Drive. 
Pastor Jiles served as pastor of Compassionate for twenty years and retired in 2008,  Just as God promised,  He provided a ram in the bush and Reverend James Burgess was installed as pastor of Compassionate on August 24, 2008. 
The name Compassionate denotes the assurance and vision that came from the Lord to Pastor Jiles. It is a church dedicated to the great task of love, compassion, commitment, and work for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as we witness to a dying world that Christ is alive and stands ready to accept all who trust Him. As we continue in service to the Lord, His compassion still nurtures, guides and blesses us.

Greetings from Pastor Burgess

I greet you in the name of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you for visiting our Compassionate Tabernacle of Faith Missionary Baptist Church (CTOF) website. 
Please take time to explore our site as we recently updated it.
 We endeavored to make it more informative and inclusive of what God is doing through our church ministry and family.
We are thankful you are a guest of our internet outreach, but to truly experience the genuine warmth and acceptance of our Compassionate Church family, you must come and worship with us at 2310 Compassionate Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610.  
If you would like more information, or have questions, you may contact me via email:
Best Regards,
James T. Burgess

Where we are headed...

CONNECT Stewardship Campaign

We believe Compassionate exists to CONNECT families and communities to the unconditional love of Christ.  
It is our prayer that God will use our Stewardship Campaign to cultivate spiritual growth within the community of current believers and to share the Good News of Christ and His love with the unsaved through personal on-going relationships.

Our mission of Intentionally Reaching to CONNECT compels us to reach the next generation to ensure no one is lost.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at. 10:00 am
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